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Airbus Qualification of AkzoNobel Base Coat/Clear Coat System

Airbus Qualification of AkzoNobel Base Coat/Clear Coat System


AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings, the market leader in gloss and color retention, is delighted to announce qualification at Airbus of its Aerobase base coat/clear coat system.

The Aerobase base coat and Aviox® clear coat UVR system has been qualified successfully at Airbus, according to specification AIMS 04.04.033 and AIMS 04.04.037.


In addition to the standard AIMS 04.04.033 base coat/clear coat system specification, AIMS 04.04.037 includes a selectively removable system (SRS). SRS incorporates an extra sealer coat between primer and base coat which allows the selective removal of only the base coat/clear coat system in preparation for repainting. This avoids the need to reapply the primer and so results in further time and cost savings during maintenance of the aircraft.


With a focus on sustainable coatings, cutting drying times and saving costs by shortening the application process, Aerobase not only offers a high quality finish but reduces paint usage meaning it is an efficient and environmentally progressive paint solution. The paint system has been developed in line with one of Airbus’ key objectives to produce aircraft that are friendlier to the environment and more eco-efficient.


The first to deliver reliable base coat/clear coat systems to the industry, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings’ Aerobase system only requires one coat per color and one layer of clear coat, resulting in reduced paint usage. This, coupled with a dramatically reduced drying time, which helps to reduce energy consumption and labor costs, allows the aircraft to leave the paint facility with the best looking, most durable decorative finish available on the market.


Built on nearly a century of technical knowledge and experience, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings’ new technology is expected to change the future of paint application to external surfaces on aircraft. For airlines around the globe, the Aerobase system offers the ultimate in decorative finishes and an opportunity to strengthen brand identity with aircraft which look ‘factory new’ for longer.


The Aerobase base coat/clear coat system is ready for use in series production and offered to Airbus customers as an option.

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