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About AkzoNobel Aerospace

About AkzoNobel Aerospace

Aerospace Coatings

AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is the global leader in the manufacture, development and supply of coatings for the OEM and MRO sectors of the Commercial Airline, General Aviation and the Military Air markets. With manufacturing and support centers throughout the world, AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is considered the expert in their chosen field and is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable and efficient solutions to their customers worldwide. AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings is a dedicated industry partner, providing support services including, training, technical advice and coatings consultancy.

Product names such as Eclipse, Alumigrip, Aerobase, Aerodur and Aviox are just a few of our products renowned for their high quality, endurance and performance as well as their ease of application and cost-effective advantages.

We have pioneered and developed many of the coatings technologies used in the modern aerospace industry, such as: waterborne coatings, base coat/clear coat systems, high solids/low VOC coatings, peelable coatings, selectively removable systems and special effects coatings as well as being innovators in chrome-free technologies. Our emphasis is on producing sustainable, high performance, cost-effective coatings that are easy to use.

At AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings, we focus our daily efforts on meeting or exceeding the highest industry standards. Our leadership position, technical expertise and customer focus result in innovative, next-generation, environmentally conscious aerospace coatings.

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